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Why Choose Us at AFV Kitchen

At AFV Kitchen, we are more than just a restaurant – we are a culinary destination where the rich flavors of West Africa come alive in Winnipeg. Here’s why you should choose us for an unparalleled dining experience:

AFV Kitchen

Authentic West African Cuisine

 Our kitchen is a treasure trove of traditional West African recipes, each dish a testament to the culinary expertise of Chef Folasade Akin-Akinbulumo. From our renowned Jollof rice and chicken to the exotic Roasted Plantain and Sauced Grilled Fish, each bite is a journey through the rich and diverse flavors of Africa.

AFV Kitchen

A Menu That Celebrates Diversity

Our commitment to authenticity is matched by our embrace of variety. We offer a wide array of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that every guest finds something to delight in. Whether you’re a lover of spicy, savory, or sweet, our menu has something special for you.

AFV Kitchen

Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere

Beyond our cuisine, what makes us unique is the friendly welcome you receive when you walk through our doors. You can feel at home in our restaurant, which is more than just a place to eat. We’re happy to have you, whether you’ve never tried West African food before or are a regular who can’t get enough of your favourite dish.

Choose AFV Kitchen for a taste of Africa’s heart, right here in Winnipeg. We are excited to share our passion for great food and rich culture with you!

About Us

Welcome to AFV Kitchen (Afro Food Vineyard) – your gateway to an authentic West African culinary experience right in the heart of Winnipeg, Canada. For over a decade, our restaurant has been a beacon of rich flavors and traditional dishes, bringing the essence of West African cuisine to Manitoba.

Founded by the talented and visionary Chef Folasade Akin-Akinbulumo, originally from Osun State, Nigeria, AFV Kitchen is more than just a restaurant. Folasade, armed with a degree in management science and a wealth of experience from running a successful mini-mart, opened AFV Kitchen in 2015 as a humble grocery store and take-out restaurant on Marion Street. Her passion for cooking and a strong encouragement from her children and the Nigerian community in Winnipeg fueled this venture.

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Get Ready to Spice Up Your Mealtime with AFV Kitchen’s Legendary Jollof Rice and Chicken – A Taste Sensation That Brings West Africa to Winnipeg!”